Transport Photographer


I specialise in all forms of transport photography whether it be buses, trains, trucks, cars, motor cycles, aircraft or ships. I can photograph on location or in service anywhere in the UK.




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This is the website of Dave Mockford Transport Photography. We are available for any transport photo assignment at reasonable rates please call for details.


I have taken many photographs over a number of years but mainly concentrated in the period 1986 to date.

All photos were taken with Canon cameras of varying types including manual focus A1, T90 & AE1p; Autofocus EOS types 650 , 620, 600, 10, 1, 1v, 100, 5 & 3; Digital D30, D60, 50D, 1DS, 1D, 1DX, 5D, 100D, 600D, G10 & G11

The Photographs

Over the years I have accumulated a large number of negatives and slides which we are just starting to catalogue on our Flickr pages. Copies of all photographs are available for sale either as prints or electronic files for publication etc.